Install a Kitchen Exhaust Vent

You’ve remodeled your kitchen, moving the stove from its original locations and now you need to install a new exhaust vent for it. This is a relatively simple job to perform and can usually be completed in a number of hours. This article will list the tools you’ll need to perform the work with and the list the steps required. When climbing in attics, it’s recommended that you wear a pair of coveralls to keep from getting insulation in your clothes and pores. This article will presume the use of a completely new exhaust vent.


Step 1

Determine where the holes for the vent fan and tubing will route through cabinetry and ceiling and mark openings to cut. The circular saw is easiest for this step. Cut the required openings for the fan assembly and the vent hose. Neither opening has to be perfectly round. The fan opening will most likely need to be square or rectangular.

Step 2

Mount the new electrical box inside the cabinet where the vent fan will be located. Make the required holes to pass the electrical wire/romex through. Insert the electrical cable in the new box. Make the connections to the receptacle. White wire goes to silver terminal. Black wire to brass or black terminal. Green or bare copper wire to green screw lug.

Step 3

Mount the receptacle into to new box and install the receptacle cover. Route the romex through the holes just made and push up into ceiling. 
Route the vent hose/tubing through the holes in cabinet and ceiling and push up into the ceiling. Insert the fan assembly into the opening you made in the cabinet for it. Some will mount from above while some will mount from underneath. Connect vent hose to exhaust outlet and push excess into ceiling. Plug power plug into receptacle.

Step 4

Go to where the ceiling access hatch is located. Bring the wire connectors, flashlight, vent hose tape and screwdriver. Go to where the new fan is located and route the hose to the wall where the old exhaust vent hose exits through the wall. Remove the old hose from the wall fitting and attach the new hose using the vent hose tape. Route the romex to the electrical box supplying the old exhaust vent. Remove the cover, insert the new wire and carefully make the proper connections. Black to black, white to white and bare copper to bare copper. Replace box cover and exit ceiling. Test.

Having carefully followed these instructions, you will have now acquired the needed knowledge to install a new kitchen exhaust vent in a new location.

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